Capital City ENGAGE

English Language Acquisition...Global Exchange...

Capital City ENGAGE is funded by the federal government and the state of West Virginia to offer free services to adult English language learners who desire to reach beyond basic language skills. ENGAGE aims to foster a spirit of intercultural exchange with a global perspective as learners become part of the capital city community, join the workforce, or pursue higher education and training. We envision a stronger community and a brighter future as the community learns from our students and our students learn from the community.



We offer beginningintermediate, and advanced level classes to assist learners who want to acquire English for daily life encountersacademic purposes,   and workplace situations.


We help learners explore their options for in-demand jobs, job training, and post-secondary education opportunities while equipping them with essential skills to meet the demands of 21st century workplaces.


We assist parents and learners to connect with the community by partnering with K-12 education, scheduling interactive field-trips, inviting dynamic guest speakers, and setting up meaningful volunteer opportunities.


We provide assistance to learners with the citizenship application process and preparation for the USCIS Civics Test.


Enter your contact information in the form on the right side of this page and we will set up a appointment for you to complete the required pre-registration paperwork and an oral screening. 

Wait patiently until we contact you to complete the required entry assessments for listening, speaking, and reading.  

*We pride ourselves in maintaining an equal opportunity learning environment.  We strive to serve all eligible adult learners.  However, eligible applicants demonstrating the greatest needs will receive priority before we serve others. Therefore, please understand that there may be applicants with greater needs who receive our services before you.    

Attend your mandatory orientation and advising appointment to complete the registration process by reviewing your exam results, discovering your learning style, setting your goals, and receiving your course schedule.